Mather Aviation is a Cirrus Authorized Service Center for both the SR series and SF50 Vision Jet aircraft. Our technicians are fully qualified, experienced and certified in every area of Cirrus engine and airframe maintenance and repair. Our mechanics can meet your needs from an oil change to factory authorized air-conditioning service or installation. Mather Aviation, through our comprehensive computer tracking service will advise you of Service Bulletins (SB), and Airworthiness Directives (AD) due on your aircraft and will complete them for you without delay.

Airframe Capabilities:

  • Factory Trained technicians
  • All scheduled maintenance inspections
  • Unscheduled maintenance events/troubleshooting
  • Structural Inspections
  • Major / Minor Repairs
  • Service Bulletin / AD Compliance

Engine Capabilities:

  • Factory trained technicians for Williams International FJ33-5A
  • All scheduled maintenance inspections
  • Service Bulletin / AD Compliance
  • Unscheduled maintenance events/troubleshooting

Avionics Capabilities:

  • Full service Avionics Capabilities including repair, installation, and upgrades provided by Duncan Aviation Avionics Satellite Center.

Other Capabilities:

  • Pre-Buy Inspections
  • NDT Inspections
  • Pitot-static recertification (RVSM)


For more information or a quote onĀ Cirrus Aircraft, please contact:
Ben Gleason (MOD)
Telephone: 1-209-577-6831


Common Cirrus Jobs

  • Scheduled Inspections
  • Pre-Buy Inspections
  • Post-Buy Inspections
  • STC Installations
  • Engine Inspections